Toco Framing is excellent! I called Terry to help with a client gift I needed turned around quickly. I stopped by and he was able to get it done exactly what I needed and immediately right then and there. I waited 10 mins it was done!! Could not recommend more!!

Heidi Bui

Beautifully done frames. They were excited to help with getting the perfect frames and set up for me

Daniel K

I became a fan of Toco Hills Picture Framing over 20 years ago when I moved to the area. I was saddened when Sally passed but overjoyed when Geoff took on the business. He is a gem and a true artist in his own right. He is patient with me when I can't decide (which is more often than not) and always nudges me gently in the right direction. The work is always perfection. I would not go anywhere else.

Zinnia J

I couldn't recommend this place more highly, if I could give more than 5 stars I would. Their attention to detail and way of explaining it as they help guide you to the perfect frame for your piece, the friendliness of the staff, and their patience and support through the process made this such a fun and satisfying experience. I felt a little bit like I was at Olivander's wand shop from Harry Potter and they were using their expertise to guide me to the frame that was always meant to be for my art. Thank you Toco Framing!


Geoff and his team are superb! Their design and customer service are top notch - had several "hot potatoe" projects to complete and they've always come through with a smile.

Anette W

"Best frame shop I have ever used! Geoff (owner) and Rachel are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and the service is spot on."


"Great Customer service!"


"I've been coming here for years. Not only do they do the highest quality work, they're friendly, knowledgeable, and if you come on the right day you'll get the chance to pet a puppy or two. No matter how elaborate or esoteric your project, the folks at Toco Framing will come up with a creative, beautiful solution that will last"


"Nice, knowledgeable people."


"Mimi was amazing helped suggest and develop my art to another level. So good I even bought her a coffee and the frame worked did an amazing job on the day of for a show I had. Very thankful."


"I go here for all my framing. Competitively priced. Excellent workmanship and a local business!"


"I'm blown away, the gift that my husband had created for my Graduation is simply amazing !!!!! What a Beautiful frame. The way Geoff laid out the pictures and commencement program and the red trim really makes this a precious gift that I will treasure forever. Thanks to my husband and Geoff, my memories are captured and I'm truly GRATEFUL. I would definitely recommend to anyone that is looking to frame those special moments."


"Nice local place to get your artwork and photographs framed and they even have a little mini art gallery in their new location."


"Great price!"


Efficient, friendly service with people who care as much about your art as you do! Expert care and detailed craftsmanship has made everything we've brought to them better AND we are always excited to show it off! We will never go anywhere else!! Thanks Geoff and Toco Framing for everything you all do!!

Kelsey Phillips

Professional, courteous, prompt, and artistic. Literally everything I could ask for in high quality, creative picture framing.

Lawrence Korn

My experience has been a very long and happy one. The folks that work there a alway's patient, & they always are willing to talk about almost anything, especially if arts on the table.

Larry Steele

Great people, and service! Rachel is awesome!

Johnny Thompson

Best frame shop in Atlanta. Mimi and Jeff are both wonderful and have a great design eye. I wouldn't consider anywhere else with their personal attention to detail and quality. A+

Ross Kleman

I've had a number of pieces framed here, and I've always had great results! I've had very good advice, fast turnaround, and really fine work. This is so much better than one of the chain stores!

Thom Barclay

Attention to detail and a friendly vibe will have me using them again. Lots of fun art to browse while your there.

Susan Beeching

They are very polite and patient. It is a nice place with a LOT of picture frames. Just too expensive for a student! Their least expensive 9*12 frame would have been over $50!

Safoora Yousefi

Helpful, knowledgeable staff; great looking results!

Barbara Ribner

I have framed over 15 items there this year. Things that I had laying around for decades and decided they all needed to be framed. They took $20 posters and turned them into works of art and took works of art and made them look like they should be in a museum. The crew is passionate about they do and you can tell in the way they explain the different ways to treat the item you are framing (floating, mounted, mats, etc) and work hard to find the best frame for your work of art (or cheap poster in my case). It was a pleasurable experience all around. From drop off to pick up. And while framing is never "cheap", they really work with you and your budget to make sure you are getting your monies worth. I will only ever go to Toco Hills Framing.

Jenna Katz