Custom Framing should provide your artwork with the perfect individualized presentation that suits both the art and your taste. 

With one of our designers assisting, you will quickly find the best look for your project.


From our many thousands of framing possibilities, with your input, we will narrow the options to a few excellent choices.


The process is a pleasent challenge;  colors,  textures,  styles,  scale,  proportion. 


Quite different than choosing the fabric for your next sofa.  We offer our insite and opinions to help you get to what is right for you.


Most people spend about 15 to 30 minutes choosing the mats and moulding for their piece of art.

Why choose Toco Framing


      We doubt you will find another shop with a better selection 

of picture frame moulding options. There are many thousands of first quality patterns in many styles: from high style contemporary and modern, to industrial or rustic, as well as tried and true traditionals and American hardwoods. The variety of options available now is pretty amazing. 


A vast selection is useless without a guide to help you quickly get to a manageable selection of good option for you and your art. We excel at helping you find what you really want. You might surprise yourself when what you choose is quite different than what you imagined. 


Your art is carefully stored while we aquire the materials needed for your project.

Your frame is built the best way, using corner vices to allow the glue to develop it's strongest potential.

Great care is taken in the fitting the art and mat into the frame. 

Please consider us for your next

      or first framing project

Some general information

Art on paper and canvas

Memorabilia,  Dimensional Objects and Jerseys 

Needlework, Tapestries and Textiles